Ralph Lalama Quartet

Criss Cross , 1994

  1. Da-Lama's Da-Lemma
  2. The Rainbow People
  3. The Break Through
  4. Kids Know
  5. Detour Ahead
  6. Wonderful! Wonderful!
  7. Beautiful Moons Ago
  8. Pal Joey

“Yeah, that’s what Ralph Lalama sounds like – Superman Playing tenor – faster than a speeding bullet – able to leap tall arpeggios at a single bound. Seriously, this is an enormously satisfying tenor Quartet session. After listening to a guy like Lalama and the strength, logic and beauty with which he plays you wonder why he’s not a more ‘popular’ name at least as far as tenor players go . . . Playing with the kind of giant heart and swing that summons up another underrated jazz genius – Tubby Hayes, Lalama blows with unrelenting ferocity and charm. Churning out,not chourus after chorus of the latest harmonic inventions, but notes and sounds that are subservient to a kind of jazz poetry last heard from the practitioners of the heaviest and most poignant kind of jazz music-players like Mobley, Rollins, Hayes and Montgomery quickly come to mind. Detour Ahead is played with the kind of devastating heart that can put a lump in your throat ‘Wonderful’ has you dancing about marveling at Lalama’s ability to hang that poetry on a string of rocket powered eighth notes. This is a tenor player worth listening to – over and over again.” – Review from

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Ralph Lalama - Tenor Sax
Kenny Barron - Piano
Dennis Irwin - Bass
Kenny Washington - Drums